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We can't find any recent transactions involving buy-side agents for this NMLS ID. Don't worry - you're exactly where you need to be.

MMI can help you find the right agent partners and nurture those relationships to grow your production volume. Want to see how?

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Pump up the volume

Are you getting the lion's share of your agent partners' business?

Wallet share insight from existing agent office partners is a secret weapon lenders can use to optimize production. Often times, your partners aren't referring you all the business they could.

Use our ROI Calculator to discover how much your production volume can increase if you improve your wallet share with your current agent partners. Just a small fractional bump in wallet share can go a long way!

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Uncover more opportunities with real estate agents

MMI's partner intelligence doesn't stop here. Our users evaluate loan type, amount, lender matches, and other loan details to inform and pivot their agent partner relationship strategies. Interested in seeing how these features can help you grow?

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